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neith sankofa

An INVOCATION. In the tradition of the Liberatory Elite of our ancestors, the world is waiting for US to announce who we are, what we deserve, and how deliciously we want to receive and BE received. We make our own space by way of our presence. We answer with an embodied sacred yes to that[…]

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get out of the fire

Can you name the first three steps to beating emotionally challenging situations?  Get Out of the Fire (GOTF) is an online learning series designed to inform and provide solutions to everyday people facing daily stressors that lead to burnout – feeling overwhelmed, overworked and over it. Listen as Ayodele and Natasha Harrison share scientific research[…]

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ALWAYS ON: 5 Steps to Finding “Balance” in the Midst of Increased Pandemic Related Responsibilities This is a beautiful opportunity for us to find our balance and harmony. Take a pause and listen while you learn. Neith Sankofa shares a meaningful message of stillness, harmony and centering. This information makes sense for now and the[…]

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