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Ayodele Harrison, Senior Partner of Education and Director of BMEsTalk for CommunityBuild Ventures, penned an article. In a recent article posted by the Associated Press (AP), twenty-three (23) Univ of Clemson football players have tested positive for coronavirus since returning to campus in June. USA Today reports that a total of 96 student-athletes, mainly football players have been tested as[…]

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Imani Bryant

On March 16th, I flew home from DC. The weekend proceeding this flight was filled with uncertainty. I was forced to pack up my entire life at Howard, say goodbye to my friends and girlfriend, and leave the city without any knowledge of when I would return. Many of my friends were not so fortunate.[…]

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“What’s happening is black folks are getting infected more because they are exposed more, and once infected they’re dying more because they have their bodies — our bodies — have born the burden of chronic disinvestment (and) active neglect of the community, she said. “When I look at it is because of structural racism, which[…]

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Navigating COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19 Resources by Natasha Harrison I am  encouraged by the number of efforts to support individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.  However, because of our capitalist normatives which does not reward cooperation and interdependence, organizations are putting out various lists of resources and failing to coordinate information.  Everyone is trying to be THE clearinghouse.   For[…]

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