Learn and Practice

At CommunityBuild Ventures, we work directly with organizations and businesses to educate them on how to recognize, acknowledge, and eradicate racial inequity with our Learn and Practice services.

These customizable learning opportunities are centered on one or more of the following topics:

  • Brave Space Building™
  • 5 Dimensions of the School Learning Environment
  • Racial Affinity Group Training Series
  • Equity-Centered Facilitation and Leadership

Brave Space Building™

Imagine a structured space where black community members are allowed to authentically show up to share their experiences, feelings, and struggles with one another in the hopes of promoting racial equity within their communities. A space free from discrimination and racial injustices. Such a place is difficult to find in a culture where white supremacy still permeates.

That is why CBV is helping organizations take ownership of creating what we call a Brave Space where racial equity and justice are at the forefront.

Learn about CommunityBuild Venture’s Brave Space Building™

Case Studies of Organizations
That Benefitted From Learn &
Practice Strategies

Since CommunityBuild Ventures began working directly with organizations to put into place our Learn & Practice strategies, we’ve witnessed deep hurts healed and bridges built as racial equity is focused on. These case studies are three examples of the progress that was made once the organization’s worked with CBV to create learning opportunities for their leadership and staff.

  • Atlanta Career Rise
  • SOAR
  • 3rd Study