How Transformation Happens

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Our services are designed to help organizations eradicate racial disparities through education and transformation. At Community Build Ventures, we combine three types of transformation to understand, embrace, and embody racial equity.

Cultural Transformation

Organizations committed to racial equity must confront and dismantle the white dominant culture norms prevalent within the organization.  Inward deep analysis and awareness is required to begin to reconcile to create a new racial equity-centered culture.

Collaborative Transformation

Nothing can be done without the strength of the community which is why CBV has worked diligently to form alliances among organizations. By focusing on collaboration, we enact real, vital change.

Power Transformation

Racial equity must be informed and led by communities most affected. In this transformation process, organizations investigate and realize ways to build, share, and wield their power and privilege in the communities they serve. 

A Focus on Healing

We believe that before anyone can fully embody the Black Bold mindset, they have to heal the past trauma that every BIPOC has experienced in a culture founded on white supremacy. This is why we center everything that we do on healing and self-care.

We believe any engagement must include an investigation of self-care and healing because all people have experienced racialized (or appearance) and/or caste-based trauma.  The development and proliferation of white supremacy is a trauma response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn).  Becoming a racial equity-centered organization will cause repeated stress and confrontation of trauma.   The stress will cause reversion back to white dominant cultural norms.  While the norms are harmful, they are comfortable.

The Power of Transformation

At CommunityBuild Ventures, we have a commitment to confront and dismantle the white dominant norms of our culture. We believe that it is through these transformations that we can finally Understand, Embrace, and Embody racial equity.

Cultural Transformation

Inward deep analysis and awareness to begin to reconcile to create a new racial equity-centered culture.

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Collaborative Transformation

Realize the strength of racial equity centered on partnering with those in your community.

Power Transformation

Build, share and wield power within communities.