The Right to Heal: Stop Cop City

Land is sacred. Our ancestors and Black residents deserve the right to heal. The Weelaunee Forest must be preserved to protect the entire state-the land and people.

#ubuntu What is done there will be the answer to, “How are the children?” #love #community #future Natasha A. Harrison, #CBVCEO, share CommunityBuild Ventures’ official statement on the City of Atlanta’s plan to develop a police and military training facility in the Weelaunee Forest, now known as South River Forest.

As long time Black residents and Atlanta natives, we know the history of this city. We know that Black people are casualties in the name of public safety. We know that our well-being and access to clean land and air is elusive. We know Black people that are born in a marginalized community are not likely to move up the socioeconomic ladder. We stand with #stopcopcity. Our lives depend on it.

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