Brave Space Building™

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Brave Space Building™

CommunityBuild Ventures recognizes that in today’s culture, it’s difficult for members of the Black community to find spaces free from discrimination and racial injustices.

We believe it’s the responsibility of all organizations, no matter their size, racial diversity, or type of industry, to work towards building spaces that center racial equity and justice at the forefront. We call these environments brave spaces.

Brave Spaces: a structural
space that allows members to
authentically show up to share
their experiences, feelings, and
struggles with one another in
the hopes of centering racial
equity within communities.

CommunityBuild Ventures works with organizations to create safe spaces for Black community members to thrive in. We accomplish this through our Brave Space Building™ framework.

Six Elements of Brave Space Building™

  • Gratitude
  • Being thankful for one another is at the forefront of creating a brave space for encouraging change. It’s essential for building empathy and curiosity for community members’ stories and thoughts.
  • Feelings
  • An individual’s emotional state must be recognized and valued constantly in order to center racial equity. This awareness allows a person to cope with and understand their emotions and work towards inner peace and harmony.
  • Intentions
  • Individuals must create intentions for their life if they’re to live authentically and understand their values and beliefs. This helps them find their purpose and work towards racial equity.
  • Assumptions
  • Acknowledging assumptions that the group holds is important for Brave Spaces as it helps individuals and the group see their potential for growth and positive change.
  • Community Agreements
  • These agreements help individuals within the team define the agreements they need to show up authentically and openly. Only then are they able to transform their community together.
  • Shared Language
  • Using shared words and definitions in both the spoken and written word will help everyone in the group work towards the same goals and ideals with understanding and efficiency.

Building Brave Spaces with
CommunityBuild Ventures
and Our Partners

CommunityBuild Ventures is honored to help organizations reimagine their culture and collective vision so they’re better able to help all community members thrive, no matter their race or background.

The foundation of this effort was laid with the help of Neith Sankofa, Natasha A. Harrison, and Ayodele Harrison who created Brave Space Building™. CBV is eternally grateful for the work they did in creating this premier protocol.