CommunityBuild Ventures is a pro-Black, solution-focused firm committed to eliminating racial disparities by developing powerful, impactful, and racial equity-driven leaders and organizations. We realize racial equity requires transformational relationships.

Our promise is to help leaders and organizations learn about and practice racial equity with healing and restoration at the center. We accomplish this by championing freedom from structural and institutional racism through partnerships with nonprofits, education institutions, foundations, businesses, and government agencies.

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Truly embodying equity as an organization involves constantly learning and adapting.

~Amy L. Pinon

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“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.”

~Audre Lorde

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“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

~Booker T. Washington


At CBV, our services take you through the learning journey to understand, embody, and embrace racial equity and justice. We believe our success is determined by how well organizations examine and rectify the root causes of issues defined by racism. To achieve the best results, we endeavor to form relationships with partners and provide the following services:

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A learning experience like no other. Participants are given tools and resources to advance racial equity-centered design.

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Design and implement a racial equity-centered strategy from within organizations to change the communities around them.

In everything we do, we intentionally focus on healing and self-care because we believe they are necessary for ultimate liberation. Instead of being a peripheral value, we’ve made healing and self-care pillars of our organization and encourage a culture of self and community love. Our healing justice-centered practices are how transformation happens. 

Healing and Self-care

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Understand. Embrace. Embody.


Since starting our initiatives within our communities and organizations, we’ve been entrusted by several companies. Learn about their experience with CBV in their own words.


For far too long, organizations have approached racial equity from a “do then learn” standpoint. This approach often has the opposite effect of racial equity and furthers the tenants of white supremacy. The reality of racial inequity isn’t fully addressed and therefore the process to reconcile and heal is never realized.

We believe that the eradication of these diabolical racial inequities must have a foundation in deep analysis and awareness before intentional accountability and action can ever occur. We help organizations lay this foundation and build on it by fostering real and open conversations through what we call Brave Space Building™.

Brave Space Building™

A space structured to allow participants to be their most authentic selves and lean in more deeply in conversations that are centered around racial equity.

Learn More About Brave Space Building™

CommunityBuild Ventures combines 3 types of transformation to result in self-care, justice, and reaching one’s fullest potential within their community:

Cultural Transformation

Inward deep analysis and awareness to begin to reconcile to create a new racial equity-centered culture.

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Collaborative Transformation

Realize the strength of racial equity centered on partnering with those in your community.

Power Transformation

Build, share and wield power within communities.

We Work

CBV has the opportunity to work in our communities by partnering with nonprofits, education institutions, foundations, businesses, and government agencies. Through these partnerships, we are able to help promote change in integral systems such as health, housing, justice, education, and economic development.

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  • Education
  • Justice
  • Housing

CommunityBuild Ventures Affinity Groups & Business Initiatives proudly include BMEsTalk and the CBV Cooperative.