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Key Skills to Move Towards Racial Equity: Strengthening Curiosity

Watch our President, Natasha A. Harrison, as she discusses the racial equity key skills. In this vlog, you will learn about the following four racial equity key skills:

  1. Noticing: feeling when something doesn’t feel right or aligned with being racial equity centered. 
  2. Holding Space: being able to acknowledge others’ feelings while holding your own.
  3. Practicing Accountability: a practice of love instead of punitive measures. 
  4. Strengthening Curiosity: tapping into self motivation to investigate and know. 

All of these skills can help move your organization towards racial equity but strengthening curiosity can catapult you to really think about racial equity and how to disrupt or dismantle the state that you are now in. Curiosity is an important skill because what you find will lead you to talk to other people which leads to more discovery. Watch this vlog and share it with others.

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