10th Anniversary

We have promised to guide leaders and organizations through a learning journey about racial equity. To help them make it regular practice with healing and restoration at the core of their efforts.

We champion freedom from structural and institutional racism through strategic partnerships with nonprofits, educational institutions, charitable foundations, businesses, and government agencies.

CommunityBuild Ventures has demonstrated how Brave Space Building™, THRIVE Design, and Learn and Practice can make a difference in their organizations and communities through healing and self-care.

And We Have Kept Our Promise!

of learning to become a pro-Black organization.

of positive impact on hundreds of thousands of community members.

of transforming our practice to help organizations understand, embrace and embody racial equity.

of centering healing and self-care.

These Aren’t Just Numbers to Us. These Are People.

A decade of impacting people’s lives.

A decade of being a catalyst for progress.

A decade of investigating healing and self-care.

A decade of transforming our practice to advance racial equity in organizations and their leadership.

CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative

The CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative began with 9 active consultants that center on the Akan Adinkra symbol, boa me na me mmoa wo, which means “Help me and let me help you.” It is a symbol of cooperation and interdependence. Each month a member of the CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative shares their experience and wisdom in our blog. We believe learning from one another’s experiences is key to fully understanding and creating greater impact.

Our cooperative members come from many walks of life and bring their unique perspectives to share with our listeners. They are innovative, collaborative, and insightful. It’s our goal to create a space where individuals come from businesses, organizations, and institutions to leverage their expertise in order to increase our community impact. It’s their commitment that allows CommunityBuild Ventures to make strides towards racial equity.

Our Founding CBV Cooperative Members

Our Top 10 Businesses & Organizations:

Top 10 Lessons Learned:

Top Partner Honorees

Our Top 10 Moments

Our Impact

It would require sacrifice.
It would require dedicated, consistent effort.
It would sap their energy, and they would want to give up.
This mission would take every bit as much as they gave. At CBV, our services take you through the learning journey to understand, embody, and embrace racial equity and justice.
Through speaking engagements, they have impacted over nine thousand students, educators, and nonprofit professionals.
Through the THRIVE Design program, they’ve influenced nineteen organizations, affecting over half of a million community members nationwide. To date, we’ve helped more than 1 million people. And we have helped to grant out over $5 million through Black-led community grantmaking efforts. Start your Learning Journey and read about Community-led Grantmaking.

Kysha Cameron on The Art of Skillful Facilitation ~ Presencing race, gender & collective healing
community racial equity support


granted out through Black-led
community grantmaking efforts


donated to nonprofits

Grew to  26

CBV Cooperative Members


dedicated to serving clients and
the community


community conversations, training, and conferences attended to become more informed and a great resource for our clients and communities


Social Media Followers


impacting the live almost


community members across the
United States


Training & Speaking Engagements
impacting the lives of


community residents, k-12 students
and educators, foundation and
nonprofits professionals

Our team has grown to over twenty members, all with the same goal in mind, to help leaders and organizations learn about and practice racial equity with healing and restoration at the center.In everything we do, we intentionally focus on healing and self-care because we believe they are necessary for ultimate liberation. Instead of being a peripheral value, we’ve made healing and self-care pillars of our organization and encouraged a culture of self and community love. Our healing justice-centered practices are how transformation happens.

Take a look at the 2021 Impact Report.

While our mission is deeply serious and sobering, we find great joy in the journey in which we get to play a role. To achieve our best results, we continue to partner with some dynamic businesses. Thank you for your work and commitment to CommunityBuild Ventures’ goals!
We’re on a journey towards a tomorrow where Black is bold and racism is eradicated.
And we want you to be a part of it.
Learn more about how you can play a role in creating our vision of the future.

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