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You Ain’t Recruiting Black Teachers With That Ad!

Ok, I am just getting ready to wind down at the end of a long day. I have my bowl ice cream (small one that is, because I’m watching my calories), I got my pillows set up just right, and I just hit play on the iPad to watch another episode of Genius: Aretha Franklin on Prime Video. And like you, I want to take a quick finger swipe through social media. Big mistake. I tap the app on my phone, and my blood begins to boil.

I see a poor attempt for a Black and Hispanic teacher recruitment advertisement. I began cursing at the wall and then flip flopping back and forth whether I want to speak to the world about why I am so upset. After just a minute of reflecting, I tap the record button on my phone and…

Take a Listen

I feel so much better. I have been sitting on these thoughts for some time now and I am so glad that I finally decided to share them with you. I got to rant, and now I am ready to refocus and recommit myself to winding down for the day. Tomorrow, I will rejoin the fight to creating and curate safe rich spaces for Black Male Educators to connect, grow and lead.

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