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From Our Senior Partner

As I write, I’m excited. I’m feeling humbled and exhilarated about BMEsTalk. The impact of our work since launching in 2017, leaves me speechless. My vision was a digital space to uplift the perspectives of Black Male Educators on Twitter.  And that vision has grown exponentially. The work now includes the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab – a 4-month virtual leadership development series. 

The BMEsTalk Leadership Lab is a community of 50 + Black Male Educators representing 10 different states, the District of Columbia and the Netherlands. From a vision to a presence globally, who could imagine? It’s been an experience, enhancing connection and building community with Black Male Educators.

And now with the introduction of equity-centered facilitation, our community has so much promise.  

I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner. The things I am learning as a leader of BMEsTalk have equipped me with so many tools. With that, I help schools and organizations create affinity spaces for ALL educators, especially those that are Black, Latinx and Indigenous.

I didn’t think I had a voice in the space of educational equity. But the “AHA” is that my authentic self had rarely been invited to the table. For this reason, I didn’t think I had a voice.

I feel a great sense of peace, satisfaction, and accomplishment after recording this piece.  Please take a moment to listen as I continue to use my voice to serve our communities. 

Below are key resources and videos that I discussed in the video. Please click, like, comment, share and connect with me if to discuss next steps for you

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