What I Learned from Presence Power Impact Training with CREATE Teacher Residency

What I Learned from Presence Power Impact Training with CREATE Teacher Residency

With a sponsorship from CommunityBuild Ventures, I had the pleasure of attending Presence Power Impact training with the CREATE Teacher Residency. This interactive institute allows participants to explore how the practices of compassion and discernment enhance their presence, power, and impact.

Here’s what I learned from my experience with the Presence Power Impact training.

About the Presence Power Impact Training

The Presence Power Impact institute engages the research-based practices of Emory University’s Cognitively Based Compassion Training (CBCT) course. This is in partnership wit the university’s Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics, whose mission is to promote human flourishing through educational programs, dialogue, and research.

Along with a community of CREATE educators, Presence Power Impact training helps to:

  • Strengthen self-awareness, especially in challenging situations
  • Understand and engage compassion for oneself and others in the classroom, school, and community
  • Mediate and engage in related contemplative practices
  • Cultivate personal resilience

My Most Valuable Lessons

After completing the training, I was able to strengthen my self-awareness and my awareness of others. I’ve been given tools to help me regulate situations that may take me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to become a more effective leader and facilitator.

Though I gained a lot of skills from the training, the most significant was regarding my own zone of well-being, which is when you’re in the “flow” of life, your most calm and at peace moments.

One of the challenges we experience is life constantly pushing us – or throwing us – out of this zone. I learned valuable tools and techniques to help me identify when I’ve been knocked out of my zone of well-being, and how I can return to a place of peace and calm, with more grace and free of judgment.

This training is designed for facilitators, but its applications don’t end there. As a parent, I’ve learned how self-regulation is necessary for me to lead gracefully, with compassion, and let go of judgment or preconceptions.

Moving Forward

Because of this training, I’ve learned how to use meditation to calm my nervous system and return to my zone of well-being. When life throws us curveballs, this is the best way to stay the course.

I also learned how we’re all connected. Remaining nonjudgmental and recognizing that we’re all human with our own unique life experiences is necessary to reach the level of compassion I desire. As a facilitator, this training gives me grace when necessary and shows me how to lead with compassion and from the heart.

Presence Power Impact Training for Facilitators

I was fortunate to have sponsorship from CommunityBuild Ventures to attend the Presence Power Impact training with the CREATE Teacher Residency. Though it was valuable to me as a facilitator in education, it’s not limited to those in this field.

The training was incredible, and I’d recommend it to all facilitators, not just those in education. Non-profit leaders, community advocates, and other leaders can use this training to learn to lead with grace and compassion.

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