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Confronting Organizational Culture: Analysis & Awareness

A strong organizational culture is the basis of any successful operation, as it defines the unified vision, values, beliefs that bring the members of their team to work in harmony. In fact, 47% of active job seekers note that company culture as the main reason for finding work. But to create an organizational culture that is inclusive for all, embracing racial equity values is a must. 

Read on to explore the ways that Community Build Ventures disrupts organization’s culture towards racial equity and justice

Racial Inequities Continue To Show Up Across Organizations

While many organizations are stepping up the plate to increase their diversity and inclusion, many continue to fall flat in addressing the key racial inequities that lie within their very own organizations. In navigating 
Some of these continued racial inequities include: 

#1: Lack Of Representation

In fact, over 70% of America’s 16 Fortune 500 company corporate leaderships are made up of white men. 
In school systems specifically, a mere 2% of teachers are Black males despite 

#2: Biases In The Hiring Process 

Much of the lack of representation continuing 

#3: Microaggressions

Hiring diverse organizations are not enough to disrupt an organization’s beliefs and attitudes influenced by white supremacy, for microaggressions and biases continue to lead many Black community members to 
It is clear that despite company efforts, there is ample work to continue to be done to reimagine workplaces, school systems, and other organizations 

Confronting Organizational Culture With THRIVE Design 

Reimagining a community free from structural and institutionalized racism is at the core of Community Build Ventures work. One of the key strategies to work towards this goal is by improving the culture of organizations across disciplines and industries through their THRIVE design service. 
THRIVE design 
 In today’s system of white supremacy, organization’s must be committed to doing the work towards 
A few of the strategies implemented through CBV’s THRIVE design include: 

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Comprehensive School Culture, Climate and Equity Assessments
  • Resident led grantmaking 
  • Multimedia project implementation

Partner With Community Business Ventures Today

For assistance in crafting a racially equitable strategy to impact 
There is no one size fits all approach to improving racial equity in organizations, which is why Community Build Ventures creates a personalized strategy to fit the specific needs and goals of their partners community. 

Imagine communities where outcomes are not predicted based upon the color of their skin.  This can be a reality through hard work and commitment. Our racial equity and justice centered design and implementation service helps organizations solve problems by combining history, research, policy, community culture and healing and emotional self-care practices to define a racial equity centered strategy.

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