Kysha Cameron on The Art of Skillful Facilitation ~ Presencing race, gender & collective healing

Kysha Cameron on The Art of Skillful Facilitation ~ Presenting Race, Gender & Collective Healing

First, I give thanks that CBV offered me this opportunity to grow professionally as I have been clear that I wish to grow in my facilitation skills outside of my role as CBV Director of Business Development.

So, I received the training details and it was 5 consecutive days with 2 2hr. sessions per day.  Sessions included: Race & Gender, Social Location & Intersectionality, Harm & Repair, and Healing.

Definite practices that Kysha Cameron acquired and will integrate into her life and facilitation spaces:

  • – Inviting attendees to open and close sessions not just at the beginning and end of the time together but also after breaks.  This participation can (and is not limited to) include: spoken word, breath, movement, reading of a passage, singing of a song. 

  • Social Location” a newer term for me is a practice used to reflect on the groups you belong to because of your place or position in history and society…considering your proximity to power based on identities you embody.  Examples of this can include: race, gender, gender expression, social class, age, ability level, sexual orientation, geographic location and context. This deepened my compassion and awareness.

  • I no longer am feeling overwhelmed around gender, gender identity and pronouns.  I now approach it and embrace it as another way for people to be seen.

  • “Four Parts of Accountability – How To Give An Apology” by Mia Mingus  1) Self-reflection 2) Apology 3) Repair 4) Changed Behavior. This was a GAME CHANGER  and I have to acknowledge that Natasha shared this as a tool with the leadership team recently to assist us in moving through a situation of somebody expressing their frustrations.  As with many resources introduced through CBV, I also use this in my personal life.  

  • As a facilitator it is key to create space after facilitating for yourself and collectively if with a facilitating team

  • Lastly, I learned of an Atlanta based sister Octavia Raheem and her written word in Pause Rest Be – Stillness Practices for Courage in Times of Change

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