Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaching is an excellent way to improve the systemic structures of your organization. Organizational coaches can come into your organization and help implement tools and practices that will allow your org to better meet equitable policies and standards. 

A panel of organizational coaches will come into your organization and work directly with leadership to reset the standards of behavior and create a new, beneficial environment for your organization.

What is Organizational Coaching?

Organizational coaching is an excellent way to promote structural change in the foundations of an organization. In direct contrast to individual coaching, which targets the needs of a specific person’s development, organizational coaching centers an organization’s broad needs in order to create sustainable systemic change for the better. Some objectives include:

  • Enhancing leadership within the organization
  • Creating a culture of change
  • Erasing oppressive systemic practices and nurturing practices of diversity and inclusion

These goals can be more complex or incredibly simple–it all depends on the unique needs of the organization.

Organizational coaching is conducted by a group of coaches who are chosen based on the needs of the organization in question. They often have a background in psychology, and these coaches are evaluated on:

  • If they meet the standards set up by the organization (i.e., background/expertise in a specific area, etc.)
  • If they focus on diagnostics vs. psychometrics
  • Whether they’re internally or externally sourced 

Each coach that an organization chooses to bring on should be thoroughly vetted to ensure a good fit, as their practices will directly affect the core fundamentals of an organization.

Organizational Coaching and Leadership Development

Another fantastic aspect of organizational coaching is its ability to directly parley into leadership development for an organization. These coaches will connect with senior members of the organization to teach high-impact skills that are designed to align leadership behaviors with the overarching goals of the organization. 

You should consider leadership development via organizational coaching if:

  • Your team has been tasked with implementing corporate initiatives that lead other employees through transitionary periods.
  • Your organization already has a leadership development program, but it lacks a coaching structure.

Organizational Coaching Can Change the Makeup of your Organization–For the Better

Working at it from the inside of an organization, it can be tough to lead change that directly affects its systemic structure. With the help of an organizational coach, a trained professional whose objectivity can help guide your team not only in alignment with your overall goals but also in leadership training, your organization can achieve a bright future.

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