Arthur Blank Foundation’s Organizational Coaching

Arthur Blank Foundation’s Organizational Coaching

Here at CommunityBuild Ventures, one of the partnerships that we are most proud and passionate to be a part of is working with the Arthur Blank Foundation’s Organizational Coaching program. This program aligns with CBV’s mission of changing the world and transforming communities for the better. 

A Partnership 5 Years In The Making

CommunityBuild Venture’s partnership with Arthur Blank Foundation began back in 2015 when Makeda Johnson of the Sisters Action Team needed assistance supporting a grassroots organization. She then reached out to our Founder and CEO Natasha for help.

From that day forward, Makeda was able to connect us with Suganthi Simon of the AMBFF team. It was then that we started our work of coaching small grassroots organizations with the foundation. The rest is history! 

The Current State Of Arthur Blank’s Organizational Coaching 

What started as a solo coaching endeavor for the first 3 years has quickly blossomed into a much larger program. Although it was Natasha that served as a coach in these formative years, she has taken a step back and has built an 8 person team to help in guiding and coaching 8 unstoppable organizations. 

These inspirational coaches include Vanessa Parker, Cicely Garrett, Sheronde Glover, Trequita Overton, Allison Todd, Dr. Chantrise Holliman, Pharlone Toussaint, and Tiffany Tolbert. Let’s dive into a brief overview of the organizations and work being accomplished in the program today: 

Parents Prosper

This organization is committed to supporting and mentoring parents to give them the tools needed to be present and engaged with their children’s education. 

Urban Perform

Urban Perform is an organization that makes health and fitness more accessible for everyone by offering exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching at an affordable price tag. 

Historic Westside Garden

This organization grants home gardens to residents in Westside and is currently working on building its new leadership board and financial sustainability with the help of CBV. 

Mikros Childcare Development Center

This exciting new child care center is on a mission to improve the accessibility of early child care to parents in Westside. 

Early Childcare For Special Needs Kids 

The main goal of Early Childcare For Special Needs Kids is supporting the parents of kids with special needs through support and recovery during the pandemic. 

Westside Seniors On The Rise

This organization is doing great work in keeping senior citizens in Westside connected and engaged. CBV is helping this organization improve its fundraising strategy and identify new partnerships to enhance its reach. 

Hoopz U

Hoopz U is an organization that focuses on empowering young men in Vine City and English Avenue personally and professionally. They offer mentorship and entrepreneurship programs with activities like basketball, barbershop apprenticeships, and career-related education.

Helping Empower Youth

This organization is working to provide a variety of services for the Westside community’s young men and families, all of which CBV is working on growing through networking and increased fundraising. 

Work With CommunityBuild Ventures Today 

If you are ready to improve your organization’s racial equity, we are excited for the chance to work with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to get started with this important work today. 

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