Lessons Learned from Get Out of The Fire

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No doubt COVID-19 has caused many business owners undue stress. As such, I’ve focused on healing and emotional self care. Get Out of The Fire has helped me as a business owner. However, I believe it’s helpful to all. Get Out of The Fire (GOTF) is a digital learning experience. The training includes practical solutions and timely techniques. Participants can learn everything from breathing to accessing calm and more. Ayodele and Natasha engage the audience with research and practices to interrupt the burn out cycle. 

 If you don’t know about CommunityBuild Ventures, they are a solution-focused firm committed to eliminating racial disparities by developing powerful, impactful and racial equity driven leaders and organizations. They help organizations examine the root causes of issues defined by racism. During Juneteenth, they made Get Out of The Fire free to everyone for the rest of the year. So, I sought solutions and signed up for Get Out of The Fire. The first three words that stood out to me: 

  • Fire– is when a person feels like they are in a constant state of threat. 
  • Threat– When a person senses the possibility of trouble, danger or harm to their physical and or emotional health or well being
  • Burnout– State of exhaustion.

The high frequency of sicknesses like high blood pressure and hypertension reflects just how easy it is for the human body and mind to respond under pressure. Mental breakdowns, panic attacks, strokes, depression, etc., are included in the stress responses we try to avoid. These days, we are so busy staying alive, we forget to take the time to breathe. These days it seems like there is a dose of anxiety or fear, longing for our attention. And all of these issues compound for entrepreneurs. 

However, when the pandemic hit, the pressure hit harder. Many entrepreneurs have been challenged with figuring out their new normal now during this pandemic. By default, our position and calling is a high intensity, anxiety-inducing, and stress imposing one. You are not only responsible for the lives of you and your family. You are also responsible for the fulfillment of your dream, your business, and by extension, the success of every employee working for you. How do you manage the daily stress this creates?

Sometimes we need encouragement and people to remind us it is okay. Rhetoric and cliches aren’t helpful. What we need are entrepreneurs to build our emotional intelligence and maintain our emotional health. More importantly, we need those people who know what they are talking about. And Ayodele and Natasha, will show you how to Cultivate Your FIREbreak

Get Out of The Fire helps me remain grounded, calm, and focused through the pandemic. I learned new and useful techniques that motivate my personal healing and emotional self care. Rather than dwell on uncertainties and the bad news, I understand how to recognize when it is affecting me. Most important, I know how to protect my peace and find my happiness. 

We learn every day, and the key to success is learning from the right source. When it comes to next steps, consider Get Out of The Fire. Learn more via the CommunityBuild Ventures blogs and social media. Everybody has a story to tell and lessons to learn.  Together, we can.


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