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CommunityBuild Ventures Case Study: Thrive Design Event Planning

Thrive Design Event Planning


Thousand Currents sought to bring their donor community together for a three-day learning and strategy setting experience. This request was for 24 members which included the organization’s leadership. The overall purpose of this convening was for members to commune, learn together and commit to new philanthropy strategies. The organization initially contracted CommunityBuild Ventures (CBV) for venue research in or Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida; however, after strategic discussions, the organization decided to focus on Georgia, specifically Atlanta. They extended their contract agreement and added additional services to include event management services.


Imagine communities where outcomes are not predicted based upon the color of their skin.  This can be a reality through hard work and commitment. Our racial equity and justice centered design and implementation service helps organizations solve problems by combining history, research, policy, community culture and healing and emotional self-care practices to define a racial equity centered strategy. 

CommunityBuild Ventures’ business approach for this project was THRIVE Design. The implementation services, specifically Event Management met the needs of  Thousand Currents and was led by Trequita Overton. Our business approach also included some of the following deliverables:

  • Venue Selection: CBV strategists researched venues in four states, providing information based on project specifications. This helped the organization select a venue that supported project needs.
  • Timeline Development: The CBV team created a project timeline to include key milestones, project approvals and  accountability markers.
  • Member Experience: The CBV team provided quality implementation services at every touch-point of the event. This included fielding questions via phone and email before and during the convening; ensuring all attendees received real time information about the event; providing registration packets and supporting the registration process and the lead liaison for all evening activities; providing support for translation services and helping organize on-site transportation services
  • Vendor Selection & Management: CBV sourced, vetted and selected the highest quality vendors to ensure an impeccable event experience. 
  • Logistics & On-Site Management Deliverables: CBV served as main contact for participants and vendors with meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring seamless experience for all attendees


“Love, love, loved working with Trequita of CommunityBuild Ventures. She modeled hospitality.”- Sara Pinto
Thousand Currents very much enjoyed the venue and services, they have plans to move all of their donor engagement retreats and staff retreats to Atlanta, Georgia for 2020-2021 where they will become a returning partner for CommunityBuild Ventures.

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