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Learn About CBV: Part Two

Welcome to CommunityBuild Ventures, a consulting firm invested in helping leaders confront inequity head-on to transform their community members’ lives for the better. With an innate passion for dismantling racist structures and building thriving spaces for personal and community growth, our team of change-makers is ready to help schools, foundations, and businesses alike. 

What Services Does CommunityBuild Ventures Offer Clients?

We provide a variety of consulting services that help organizations analyze their current systems and community. After building more awareness of the harmful cultural norms and racial disparities that exist in their organization, they are then equipped with the tools and resources to take accountability and action. 

Here is an overview of the services that we provide to help communities flourish: 

#1: Learn and Practice

One of the key services offered at CommunityBuild Ventures is opportunities for learning and practicing to build a more racial equity-centered design within organizations. With the help of a range of experiential learning opportunities led by our experienced consultants, organizations will leave our sessions feeling more equipped to dismantle racism and build community power. 

Within these interactive sessions, we will cover lessons such as:

  • Confronting personal and institutional racism 
  • Exploring self-care practices
  • Learning the four levels of racism
  • Creating internal equity 
  • So much more! 

#2: Thrive Design 

Our thrive design service helps organizations build and execute new racial equity-centered strategies for their communities. It is with this strategy that organizations are better equipped to prioritize racial justice moving forward and use equitable practices throughout their operations. Simply put, thrive design is here to help communities envision and implement a future that everyone can equally thrive in. 

Some of the facets that we tie in to help organizations solve problems with their current design include: 

  • History 
  • Research
  • Self-care practices
  • Policy 
  • Community culture 

CBV Is Committed To The Integration Of Healing and Self-Care 

Here at CommunityBuild Ventures, we believe that one of the most important parts of tackling racial inequity and creating true liberation for all is providing safe spaces for self-care and healing. This allows community members to heal from the caste or racial-based trauma that they’ve experienced and express their true feelings and emotions amidst their peers. 

The tenants of self-care that we focus on for the most well-rounded and balanced healing process possible include emotional self-care, physical self-care, spiritual self-care, and mental self-care. All four of these self-care pillars are integrated into the work and services that we provide. 

What Communities Does CBV Serve? 

Although we are happy to help organizations in the fields of housing, health, economic development, and justice, our number one specialty is our signature work in the education sector. This is because we are passionate about finding new solutions for uplifting and improving the school outcomes for Black and Indigenous students. 

Start Your Transformation With CBV Today 

Feeling inspired to start the transformative work that CBV facilitates? So are we. To learn more about what a partnership can look like with our team, we invite you to contact us today. 

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