Take Time Sharpen Your Axe

Take Time Sharpen Your Axe By Tiffany Tolbert

As I contemplated a theme for this month’s blog, I thought of all the topics I could discuss to inspire and motivate you. I wanted to be profound and inspirational.  I thought of themes like: Revisit your goals and Finish strong.  Revisit your goals that you created December 2020 and create a plan to accomplish them in this last quarter of the year.

Keep pushing!  All of these are topics that high thinking, high performing and accomplished leaders need to hear as they push to reach their goals before December 31st.  We know how to multitask, navigate competing priorities and reorganize to ensure that all goals are accomplished. 

However, instead of advising you to revisit professional goals and finish strong, I encourage you to spend the final quarter of 2021 sharpening your axe.  Direct your leadership and planning skills toward your personal goals and connect with people, places and things that strengthen you and sharpen your skills.  Focus on you!

19 months ago the world as we knew it changed.  I encourage you to emerge with a plan that centers on reconnecting with yourself and your place of peace. 

Join me in a challenge for the next 3 months to incorporate things, people and places that you happy and bring you peace.  As you focus on Me. Myself and I, you will release yourself from the pressures of perfection or completion and gain the inner strength to sharpen your axe.  

  1. Reconnect with yourself Spend an hour each week in a space of complete mindlessness.  Turn off your phone and spend time thinking about or doing whatever makes you smile.  Don’t think about what’s for dinner, the next project on your list or the fact that the new year less than 90 days away.  Take this time to connect with your mind, body and spirit.  Listen to what your body is saying to you and allow your inner spirit to guide you.
  1. Reconnect with family and friends.  Revisit old and create new memories with people, places and things that make you happy and bring you peace.   This year, I made it a priority to call each of my older relatives 2-3 times each month.  It was during these calls I was able to hear new (and often repeated) stories about their life experiences.  Every call had a similar theme, don’t work so hard.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Call more and visit when you can.  Success for my elder relatives was measured in a phone call, greeting card and a hug.  Connecting with friends and family will remind you that our world has value and experiences that exceed our professional bottom line.
  1. Reconnect with your space.  Surround yourself with inspiration and natural beauty.  Take advantage of the changing weather and enjoy a relaxing stroll in the neighborhood or through the botanical gardens.  Open the windows to your home and allow the breeze to rejuvenate you.  Enjoy the pleasure of spending time outdoors while focusing only on your presence in the space.

To keep your axe sharpened, complete one of these activities each month. You may personalize the items to fit your lifestyle.  But never forget the morale:  Take time to pause and reconnect with yourself, family/friends and our space to avoid burnout and keep your axe sharpened.

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