KDSL Global And CommunityBuild Ventures: A New Education Partnership

KDSL Global And CommunityBuild Ventures: A New Education Partnership

As a consulting firm that is driven to help organizations learn about and prioritize racial equity and healing, the team at CommunityBuild Ventures is excited to announce our new education partnership with KDSL Global. 

Together, CBV and KDSL Global are energized at the opportunity to create more equitable school systems for students and educators of all backgrounds to thrive in. 

Who Is KDSL Global And What Services Do They Provide?

KDSL Global is a global learning organization that seeks to provide tools, resources, and guidance to help empower education businesses and educators around the world to reach their full potential. A few of the consulting services that KDSL Global offers its clients include new school development and start-up services and products and services for MENA American curriculum schools. 

KDSL Global And Community Build Ventures Are Ready To Tackle The Social Injustices Found In International Schools 

As an organization that has worked with a diverse range of school organizations and populations across the world, KDSL Global has a unique understanding of the challenges that international schools face in terms of social justice and equity. 

After noticing the unique set of issues with racism that occurs between students and teachers in international schools, KDSL Global was inspired to partner with Community Build Ventures to better tackle the inequities that exist in this multicultural population. 

Because of the ways in which racism occurs for both domestic and foreign identities alike in these schools, it is crucial to find nuanced solutions that prioritize equity for all backgrounds and identities in these spaces. This is where the partnership between Community Build Ventures and KDSL Global comes into play. 

What Do CBV And KDSL Hope To Accomplish Together?

With years of experience serving organizations and schools in the education sector, the partnership with KDSL was a natural fit for CommunityBuild Ventures’ expertise and passion for bringing racial equity to the forefront in the education world. 

After learning more about the racial injustices found in school systems across the globe, Community Build Ventures and KDSL Global have shared goals of creating two transformative programs designed to face these issues head-on. Together, we hope that these programs will be a resource for educating schools, organizations, and leaders to provide equitable school services. 

CommunityBuild Ventures Is Ready To Create Lasting Change 

As a whole, we cannot wait for this new education partnership to create tangible and effective changes in the education landscape. We are grateful for the opportunity to play a positive role in transforming international school communities for the better. 

Partner With CommunityBuild Ventures Today

In addition to our partnership, we extend our services and work to a multitude of organizations. If you are a school, business, foundation, government agency interested in transforming the culture and equity in your team and its leaders, CommunityBuild Ventures is well-equipped to assist you in the process towards racial justice. 

For the chance to build a fulfilling partnership, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of consultants today. 

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