CommunityBuild Ventures Powers BMEsTalk Launches

CommunityBuild Ventures Powers BMEsTalk Launches

CommunityBuild Ventures is thrilled to announce their newest partnership with BMEsTalk as they power the launch of two new learning opportunities, BMEsTalk Catalyst and Incubator. Education has always been a pillar of CBV and this endeavor is just another way to accomplish this goal. 

These two programs were born of the desire to empower leaders with knowledge, confidence, energy, strength, and growth. BMEs believes that leaders are developed more than born and that Black Male Educators lack these developmental opportunities. These programs address that lack of support so BMEs can connect, grow, and lead like never before. 

BMEsTalk Catalyst

The Catalyst program helps educators kick off the school year with strength and amplified confidence as we help transform the way you lead others. This in-person learning experience takes place over four days in a group setting where educators have the opportunity to network and grow their skills while learning:

  • The art of storytelling
  • How to examine difficult situations
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • Communication strategies
  • How to boost emotional intelligence

All of this while learning from one another and forming connections that will continue far past the 4-day experience. 

BMEsTalk Incubator

The second program is the BMEsTalk Incubator, a 10-month facilitative leadership certificate program focused on intelligence as power and developing your strategy for the next ten years. This program is a mix of in-person and virtual learning experiences designed to help you unlock greater leadership potential and drive so you can positively impact your students for years to come. This program gives you:

  • Knowledge to create strategies for change
  • Processes to address academic and social challenges of students
  • The ability to adapt your personal leadership style for change

Plus an unmatched opportunity for networking, coaching, and training so you can leverage your passion and wisdom like never before. 

Save Your Spot and Learn More

These opportunities will be here before you know it and you do not want to miss the chance to learn with other BMEs in an environment designed specifically with you in mind. To learn more about each CBV program (and there’s much more to learn) follow this link where you’ll also have the chance to save your spot in the Catalyst and Incubator programs. Empower yourself, connect, grow, and lead with BMEsTalk. 

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