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5 Ways to Practice Self-Healing

CommunityBuild Ventures has made self-care one of its core pillars that we build upon. This was a conscious effort after recognizing that in order for racism to truly be a thing of the past, deep self healing techniques has to occur in individuals that have experienced decades of racism brought about by broken systems and biases. 

In order to have the energy and mentality to eradicate these systems, we have to approach them with clear minds and hearts. We have to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before we can take on the world. That’s why CBV is focusing on self-care and why we want you to, as well. 

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care isn’t some new-age practice. Rather, it simply involves becoming aware of your overall psychological and cognitive well-being and then creating systems and checkpoints to monitor it. We help both individuals and organizations create these systems and there are 5 major ways one can practice self-care that we’ll cover briefly for you below. 

  • Establish a network of people you trust to support you. As you’re working through this healing process, you’re going to need support from individuals that you can depend on to be there for you and allow you to be authentic in whatever you’re going through. It is not weak to need help — strength comes in numbers. 

  • Be real with yourself about what you want and need, then go after it. What would make you feel better right now? Do you need to speak to a counselor? Go for a run? Take a break? Whatever it is, don’t question it or feel the need to validate it — just go after it. 

  • Define your safe space and coping mechanism. Life is tough as a Black person and you’re going to need a safe space to go to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You also have to know what you need to do once you’re there to get to a better place. 

  • Create boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Get used to saying no to opportunities and people that don’t contribute to your healing. If you’re agreeing to something out of obligation or guilt, it’s not healthy. If it sucks your time and energy, it’s not healthy. Boundaries are healthy. 

  • Don’t stay in your pit. If you find yourself in a dark place where feelings of hopelessness are taking over, don’t stay there! Get help to take those feelings and use them as fuel for change. It doesn’t mean that your feelings aren’t valid — it just means there’s a better use for them. 

Self-Care Must Come First

Racial equity has always, and will always, be the main priority at CBV. However, our research and experience have proven that the only way to truly achieve this is to first focus on healing through self-care, which is why we place such a major focus on self healing techniques in everything that we do now. There is no path to racial equity that doesn’t first go through a place of healing

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