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CommunityBuild Ventures Receives NewSchools Venture Fund Grant

CommunityBuild Ventures often collaborates and partners with companies that help create center racial equity. CBV is thrilled to announce their partnership with BMEsTalk, who have made it their mission to create a safe, rich space for Black male educators to connect and grow. 

CommunityBuild Ventures have now dominated the health, economic development, justice, housing, and education industries. It’s their goal to prove what racial equity looks like in, not only the future, but the present. Their mission is to make it a reality. 

The partnership revolves around expanding BME’sTalk’s programming, with the help of NewSchool’s Venture Fund Grant. New Schools provide funding and management assistance for start-ups and early stage businesses with a strong emphasis on diversity in the pre K-12 education workforce. Their mission, in many ways, aligns with both Community Build Ventures and BME’sTalk: to create a better future for school children, so they can finish school as an inspired, motivated, and prepared individual of society. 

But, why is this news revolutionary? What can this programming offer the world? And how does it get CommunityBuild Ventures closer to their goal? 

By receiving the NewSchools Venture Fund Grant, the two teams are able to — together — impact the lives of all school students, with a strong emphasis on young Black men. If the education sector is tackled and improved, it will filter upwards as they grow and develop. 

CommunityBuild Ventures believe their success is determined by how well companies examine and rectify the root causes of issues defined by racism, so investing their time and energy into the education sector helps tackle the issue at a younger age. With this, the message grows alongside those the programming is aimed at. 

After an unprecedented, challenging year, CommunityBuild Ventures is honored and humbled to receive the grant. More than ever, the education sector is trying to recover. CommunityBuild Venture appreciates that prioritizing teacher diversity and retaining effective teachers of color is fundamental to both their mission and BME’sTalk alike. 

The thanks goes directly to NewSchools, who have empowered these two, ethos-strong organizations to help unite their individual missions and beliefs together. Together, there’s a clear vision for the future. 

This grant is more than just money. It represents and facilitates opportunity, growth, and a brighter future for everyone. All the while NewSchools empowers companies like CBV and BME’sTalk that focus predominantly on racial equity, they’re supporting the fight to promote the fundamentals of diversification. With this, the education sector and the attitude toward diversity is better. 

It’s for that reason that NewSchools are the heroes of this article. Hard work is pouring into the new programming. Both CommunityBuild Ventures and BME’sTalk are working closely together to make NewSchool’s Venture Fund Grant more than worth it. The education sector currently has very little guidance in terms of true racial equity, so this grant could truly revolutionize the classroom. Once the classroom has been dominated, it can be poured into any and every other area, creating a diverse, accepted, equal society. 

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