How Transformation Happens

How Transformation Happens

Transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. No matter the size of the change, it’s always one step at a time. Each of these small steps are taken one after another and repeated until change can happen, but it always starts with one single step in the right direction.

In our effort to help organizations become centered on racial equity, CommunityBuild Ventures offers services to help business leaders eradicate racial disparities through education and transformation. Learn more about our programs and how transformation can happen in your organization with the help of CommunityBuild Ventures.

How to Heal

Before anyone can embody the Black Bold mindset, they have to heal from the past trauma that all BIPOC people have experienced in a culture founded on white supremacy. Everything we do at CommunityBuild Ventures is focused on healing and self-care.

All of our engagements and efforts include self-care and healing to help people who have experienced radicalized or caste-based trauma. The development and proliferation of white supremacy is a trauma response, and to become a racial equity-centered organization, we will experience repeated stress and trauma as part of the healing process.

If it’s allowed to continue, this stress will cause a reversion back to white dominant cultural norms. These norms are harmful and unhealthy, but they are familiar and comfortable. Once we recognize them, however, we can take the first step in recovering and move forward.

At CommunityBuild Ventures, we’re committed to confronting and dismantling the white dominant norms of our culture. Through these transformations, we can understand, embrace, and embody racial equity to realize the future we all hope for.

This happens the following ways:

Cultural transformation:

This transformation involves a deep analysis and awareness to reconcile and create a new racial equity-centered culture. Organizations committed to racial equity must confront and dismantle the white dominant cultural norms and reconcile to create a new culture centered on racial equity.

Power transformation:

This transformation shows us how to build, share, and wield power within our communities. This must begin in the communities most affected, which are the communities most impacted by racial disparities. During this process, organizations investigate racial disparities and realize ways to share and use their privilege within their communities.

Collaborative transformation:

This transformation is about realizing the strength of racial equity centered on partnering with others in the community to facilitate change. Nothing happens without the strength and collaboration of the community, which is why our organization has worked so hard to form alliances among organizations to enact real change.

Begin Your Transformation!

Transformation begins with you. It’s not enough to say we want racial equity in our communities – we have to be part of bringing the change we hope to see. At CommunityBuild Ventures, we offer solution-based programs like Learn and Practice and Thrive Design to develop powerful, impactful, and racial equity-driven leaders and organizations.

If you’re interested in how transformation can happen in your organization, contact a CommunityBuild Ventures Team member today!

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