CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative

CommunityBuild Ventures is a pro-Black, solution-focused firm that’s committed to eliminating racial disparities by developing powerful and racial equity-driven leaders and organizations.

One of the ways CommunityBuild Ventures accomplishes this goal is with the CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative, a growing cooperative of 22 active consultants that center on the Akan Adinkra symbol, boa me na me mmoa wo, which means “help me and let me help you.” This is a symbol of cooperation and interdependence.

When we work with organizations and community and business leaders, we can facilitate the change that Black men and women have been seeking for centuries.

Sharing Through Experiences

Each month, a member of the CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative shares their experience and wisdom. Our members can show up at any stage and be in a facilitated community space for healing.

Our cooperative members come from many walks of life and bring unique perspectives, and we believe that learning from each other’s experiences is the key to fully understanding one another.

With our cooperative, we’re trying to create a space where individuals come from organizations and institutions to share how they’re making strides toward racial equity. Internally, we also practice our culture of healing and self-care by sharing our feelings, gratitude, and intentions to show up authentically and facilitate more honest and open conversations.

Learn and Practice

Our experiences with community and business leaders begin with knowing them and their business practices, so we can identify areas in which Black men and women may feel marginalized or where racial bias may be apparent.

This process is called “Learn and Practice,” and it creates opportunities for professionals to learn about how to recognize, acknowledge, and eradicate inequities. This may include:

Brave Space Building:

An exclusive program, this process helps organizations create a structured space for Black members to share experiences, feelings, and struggles with each other, free from discrimination.

Racial Affinity Group Training Series:

Affinity groups are composed of employees who share life experiences, characteristics, or social identities. This series shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to create opportunities for Black employees to meet and share experiences and support.

Equity-Centered Facilitation and Leadership:

This program is designed to help business leaders committed to building an organization centered around racial equity. Leaders are taught protocols and tools to educate leadership and staff on how to create more racial equity in their organization.

Born Out of Passion and Action

CommunityBuild Ventures was born of a passion and drive to see racial equity move from a concept to reality. We need to act, instead of just reacting to the systems that rule our communities and organizations.

Our chosen action is to work directly with leaders, business owners, and educators to develop racial equity from within so that we may see the change we hope in our future communities.

The road to racial equity will be long and arduous, but we’re happy to be part of the process with our cooperative and educational programs. Once we examine the root causes of the issues defined by racism, we can begin to heal.

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