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How CBV Cooperative Supports Entrepreneurs and Boosts Racial Equity

At CommunityBuild Ventures, we pride ourselves on being a solution-based firm that’s committed to eliminating racial disparities. One of our favorite ways to do this is by partnering with organizations and entrepreneurs in our communities to help them recognize and counteract racial bias. When we work hand-in-hand with community and business leaders, we’re able to facilitate the change that Black men and women have been seeking for centuries. Entrepreneurs are typically some of the most creative and forward-thinking individuals within a community, which is exactly why CBV is intentional in working with them to examine their processes, efforts and provide support for entrepreneurs.

Whether we’re a part of building their organizations from the foundation up or working with them to rethink how they do business and interact with their employees, we’re able to educate these bright-minded business owners on racial equity. 

Learn & Practice

We approach partnerships with entrepreneurs in the same way as with large corporations – we get to know the business owner and examine their business practices. During this process, we identify any potential areas where people of color may feel marginalized and where racial bias may exist. This is done through our focus called “Learn and Practice.” 

This process is highly customizable to the individual organization and it creates opportunities for these professionals to learn about racial equity and how to recognize, acknowledge, and eradicate inequities. Typically, this process will lead to a deeper dive into one or more of the following areas:

  • Brave Space Building™ – A CBV exclusive program, this is the process through which we help organizations create a structured space where Black members can go to share their experiences, feelings, and struggles with one another. This space is free from discrimination and allows employees to feel safe while showing up authentically. 

  • Racial Affinity Group Training Series – Affinity groups are made up of employees with a shared characteristic, life experience, or social identity. Our Racial Affinity Group Training shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to thoughtfully create an opportunity for fellow Black employees to meet for support and share experiences with one another. 

  • Equity-Centered Facilitation and Leadership – For the entrepreneurs committed to building an organization centered around racial equity, CBV provides support for entrepreneurs by creating a program designed to help them facilitate this through protocols and teaching to educate their leadership and staff. 

Boosting Racial Equity

CBV was born out of a passion and drive to see racial equity move from a beautiful concept to reality. We realized that it wasn’t enough to react to the systems that govern our communities and organizations – we must be willing to act.

Our chosen method of action has been through working hand-in-hand with the leaders, business owners, and educators in our communities to work towards racial equity from the inside out. 

Since we started on this mission, we’ve had the opportunity to work directly with several organizations to put our strategies into action and have had the immense satisfaction of seeing the fruits of our labor. Deep hurts have been healed, bridges have been rebuilt, and hope for the future has been restored. 

The road to true equality will undoubtedly be a long and winding path, but we’re excited and honored to be a part of the progress alongside our entrepreneurial partners and friends.

This mission will take the strength of a community to fulfill, and we believe that strong communities are built by strong leaders committed to racial equity. 

Allison Todd

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Allison Todd is a coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience transforming small and large businesses' operations and profitability. Whether it’s beginning, launching, or scaling a business, Allison founded her coaching and mentoring business with the hopes of helping clients conquer their fears and build confidence to take their business to the next level.

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