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Brave Space Building™ Framework

At CommunityBuild Ventures, we spend every day working towards the vision that we all share: a world where every community is flourishing and every resident is thriving without racial barriers and bias. A world where leaders and organizations are equipped to identify and remedy the root causes of racism to heal the deep hurt that has existed for generations. One of our initiatives to achieve this vision is Learn & Practice endeavors. Through this initiative, we work with professionals in the workplace and, more specifically, through our Brave Space Building Framework, which creates safe spaces to promote racial equality.

Brave Space Building™

CommunityBuild Ventures recognizes that in today’s culture, it’s difficult for members of the black community to find spaces free from discrimination and racial injustice. With this knowledge, CBV created Brave Space Building™, a space structured to allow participants to share their most authentic selves and lean deeply into conversations centered around racial equity. 

We believe it’s the responsibility of all organizations, no matter their size, diversity, or industry, to work towards building spaces that focus on racial equity and justice. We call these environments brave spaces. 

These brave spaces allow members to show up to share their authentic experiences, feelings, and struggles with one another to foster understanding and racial equity within communities. We work with organizations on Brave Space Building Framework and build supportive “containers” for professionals to connect, the work ahead, and themselves.

Six Elements of Brave Spaces

Our Brave Space Building Framework comprises six elements that work together to create a safe space. 


Being thankful for one another is at the forefront of creating a brave space and encouraging change. Gratitude is essential for building empathy and curiosity for community members’ stories and thoughts.


An individual’s emotional state must be recognized and valued constantly to foster racial equity. This awareness allows people to cope with and understand their emotions and work towards inner peace and harmony. 


Individuals must create intentions for their life to live authentically and understand their values and beliefs. Living with intention helps people find their purpose and work towards an equal world, free from bias and discrimination.


Recognizing and acknowledging assumptions that the group members hold is important for brave spaces. By addressing assumptions, individuals and the group can see their potential for growth and positive change. 

Community Agreements

Individuals within a group must agree to show up and engage in authentic, open conversations about emotions, issues, and assumptions. Only through open and honest communication can the group transform their community together. 

Shared Language

Using shared words and definitions in both the spoken and written word helps everyone in the group work towards the same goals and ideals with understanding and efficiency. 

Building Brave Spaces with CommunityBuild Ventures

CommunityBuild Ventures is honored to help organizations reimagine their culture and collective vision to help all community members thrive, regardless of race or background. By working together to create brave spaces where black community members feel they can be truly authentic and vulnerable, we can start healing the deep pain and fostering relationships that bridge the gap created by generations of racial inequality. 

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