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When we first began CommunityBuild Ventures, we spent a lot of time and energy when deciding what we wanted our mission to be and how we wanted to communicate this vision to the world. Words such as equity, equality, racial bias, empowerment all swirled in our minds as we put our heads together to clearly articulate our purpose and our passion for CBV. After much deliberation, these are the words we decided to live by. 

The Mission of CBV

Our mission is summarized in three words: Understand. Embrace. Embody. We seek to understand the hurts that individuals have endured and the systems that existed for generations that have caused widespread racism and racial bias. We embrace where we find ourselves today and the organizations that we serve in for it is only then that we can seek to change them. Finally, we embody the future that we want to see where Black is bold and racial equity is achieved. 

The Vision of CBV

Our vision is of a future world where racial bias and barriers are things of the past. A future where leaders of all backgrounds are fully equipped to define and eradicate issues that are caused by racism and can begin the process of healing the hurt that generations of Black people have suffered because of it. 

We know that this vision is one that will take time and immense effort, but it’s one that we also approach with immense joy and hope. We’re grateful for the role that we get to play in this journey and for the organizations, leaders, educators, and government officials that we’ve been blessed to partner with in this monumental goal. 

THRIVE Design and Learn & Practice

Our main efforts for chasing after this vision are with THRIVE Design and our Learn & Practice services. THRIVE Design is the program we created to help organizations work towards a racial equity-centered environment with proven strategies. 

Our Learn & Practice experiences are a learning environment like no other. Here, individuals and organizations come to our workshops to be equipped with tools and resources to take back to their workplaces to work towards equality. We believe that education is the main tool we have in our belt to make our vision and mission come true and we’re using it to the fullest extent with these two programs. 

Healing at the Heart of CBV

At the heart of everything that we do at CBV, we focus on healing because we believe that true healing has to be fully realized before any true progress can be made in this endeavor. Our teams and partners are trained to facilitate this healing and we’re focused on helping organizations work towards improved relationships so future hurts never occur. 

Looking to the Future

What does the future look like? Black will be bold. Racism will be a thing of the past. Wounds will be healed. Our vision and our mission will become a reality thanks to the efforts and education that are taking place today. This will be the future. The only question is: What role will you play in making that future a reality?

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