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UNPOPULAR OPINION: Business Owners Need More Vacations

If the last two or three years taught the professional world anything, it’s that we need to stop sometimes to take a beat or entrepreneur self care. We have been surrounded by so much illness, death, stress, change, and cultural restlessness that we are weary. 

With all of these challenges comes stress and anxiety. We may not even fully understand the depth of the trauma we have sustained for years to come. Our minds and bodies are tired and our energy has been tapped out. 

Vacation is the grown-up version of recess, and we need it now more than ever! 

As a business owner, you need the opportunity to step away from your company and reset your priorities. To see your business from a new perspective and find space to think clearly. 

Step away from your mountain of electronics and walk barefoot in the grass, smell the ocean air and watch as the waves crash on the sand. Or travel across the globe to broaden your mind and appreciation for other cultures. 

For some, even escaping to the couch for a new book or favorite movie is enough to reset and refill. If this sounds like a new habit you need to form, here are a few other quick tips for entrepreneur self care!

Tip #1: Always Get Enough Sleep

In terms of hours, the amount of sleep you need may be different from your partner or anyone else, but whatever that number is, respect it! You rely on your body in order to perform basic and advanced functions. 

If it has not been allowed to be rested and restored, your day will not be as productive or effective. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford unproductive and ineffective days to become normal. 

Tip #2: Say NO After Hours

When your day has ended, it’s time for it to truly be over. Confidently say “no” to after-hours calls, to checking work emails, to answering work-related texts, and most importantly, say “no” to “just checking in.” 

If it helps, do not even set foot in your office and delete work apps from your phone. This will help you remove distractions and intentionally focus on something else or nothing at all. 

Tip #3: Plan Your Day in Advance

A well-planned day has a far better chance of going smoothly! Knowing what you face and how you’ll accomplish it can restore a bit of control in what could be an otherwise chaotic schedule. 

Tip #4: Do Less, Delegate More

Most entrepreneurs are overworked, but not enough of them do anything about it. If you’re regularly working long hours completing repetitive or mundane tasks, it’s time to grow your team or delegate to a virtual assistant. 

You didn’t start your business so that you could not enjoy your life enough. You started your company to serve and build a life you love. 

Take these simple steps to build self-care into your schedule and your life! If you need an extra boost of confidence to put yourself first or scale your business, I can help you with that, let’s chat!

Allison Todd

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Allison Todd is a coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience transforming small and large businesses' operations and profitability. Whether it’s beginning, launching, or scaling a business, Allison founded her coaching and mentoring business with the hopes of helping clients conquer their fears and build confidence to take their business to the next level.

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