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Trust Your Grief

Black people are experiencing grief on many levels.  The reality of a medical pandemic has killed one in every 645 Black people.  The on-going racial pandemic of white supremacy continues to prevent Black communities from thriving.   Black people need a space to begin to process grief and have practices for the journey ahead.  Trust Your Grief is an important path to healing after the loss of a loved one.
“But what is grief, if not love persevering?” -Vision, WandaVision

Trust Your Grief is a 4-week gathering to help Black people.

Honor your ancestors.
Develop healing practices.
Get communal support.

Who is “Trust Your Grief” program for?

It is open to men and women, inclusive of queer, questioning, trans and non-binary Black people.  We intend this gathering to be an inclusive space for all Black bodies to feel nourished and welcomed.

What is the commitment?

It is a 4-week gathering that begins May 2021.

What is the cost?

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