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Satterberg Foundation Funds CommunityBuild Ventures for a Better Tomorrow

We’re here with life-changing news for CommunityBuild Ventures! Satterberg Foundation Funds, trust-based support for non-profits who have provided over $90 million in grants since 1991, has extended their support to CommunityBuild Ventures. But what does this mean for CBV? How does this grant push CommunityBuild Venture’s message forward? In short: how will it change the world? 

About the Satterberg Foundation 

The Satterberg Foundation is a family foundation determined to “improve the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest community through focused, considered grantmaking.” The company defines itself by its ethos of integrity, community, joy, and compassion. 

The Satterberg Foundation’s mission is to strengthen communities through the reality of equality, and a just society. It’s for this reason that the work of CommunityBuild Ventures aligns with its values. They’re also invested in creating a sustainable environment for people to grow and connect. 

This sense of equality interlaces with CommunityBuild Ventures. Satterberg Foundation dreams of a world in true balance and harmony, with vibrant communities that allow all people to thrive. Their definition of a just society involves:

  • Access to housing, health care, education, food, and employment
  • The right to have one’s voice heard
  • Advocacy and systems change

The Satterberg Foundation’s vision is built by its strong values, which coincide with those of CommunityBuild Ventures: 

  • Integrity 
  • Joy
  • Responsibility
  • Lifelong learning and growth
  • Moral courage
  • Compassion and empathy 
  • Respect 

The Satterberg Foundation Grant

CommunityBuild Ventures were moved and grateful to receive a grant of $100,000 to support their company’s work. It proved that CommunityBuild Venture’s mission for social transformation and equality is valued and supported by others. So much so that a life-changing grant was awarded to push the reality forward.

Over the previous year, the Satterberg Foundation launched its Reparative Action Fund. This was a 10-year plan to distribute $50 million in new funding to Black and Indigenous-led movements, tailored to companies that were local, regional, and national. The Reparative Action Fund revolves around fostering new partnerships with companies that are fighting every day for justice. This includes racial, economic, healing, restorative, climate, and cultural justice. 

The grant demonstrated Satterberg’s dedication to allowing companies the opportunity to invest, endow, repair, and transform. From hundreds of years of genocide, extraction, and enslavement, companies like Satterberg is allowing non-profits to change the world for the better. 

The grant will allow CommunityBuild Ventures to promote movement, justice, and liberation by helping leaders and organizations comprehend and practice true racial equity. 

How CBV Can Grow, Thanks to the Satterberg Foundation Grant

CommunityBuild Ventures don’t solely want a realization of racial equity in communities. Rather, a transformation of the “norm.” It’s not enough to be aware — there needs to be actual, clear change. 

At CommunityBuild Ventures, this is achieved through two different approaches:

  1. Learn & Practice 
  2. THRIVE Design

The Learn & Practice approach works directly with staff and leadership teams of nonprofits, businesses, education institutions, and government agencies. During their time together, they’re educated about recognizing, acknowledging, and eradicating racial inequity. By focusing on one or more of the following topics, there’s leeway for personalization and further tailored advancement:

  1. Brave Space Building
  2. Racial Inequity Everyday
  3. Transforming into a Racial Equity Centered Organization

The Satterberg Foundation grant allows CommunityBuild Ventures to enhance their learning material, reach more companies, and deliver even better training sessions to abolish racial inequity from the workplace. 

The THRIVE Design approach allows the company to design, implement, harvest, and nurture a racial equity-centered culture from within organizations. This approach reimagines the world. Stereotypes are smashed through, communities can thrive, and racial equity is achieved. This approach allows organizations to understand the history, research, policy, community culture and healing, and self-care practices that are needed to create a truly equal society.

Grants like that of the Satterberg Foundation allow CBV to put strategies in place to help society recognize the injustice that once was, to what extent it still is, and the equity we need to be working toward.

Satterberg acknowledges and understands that people of color who own and work on small businesses don’t generally have the capital to invest in their own sustainability and growth. With the grant offered to CBV, the funds shift the reality, allowing so much potential for change. 

During such unprecedented times, it’s humbling to receive a life-changing amount of funding. The action of the Satterberg Foundation will have wonderful consequences and demonstrates how crucial the work CommunityBuild Ventures carries out truly is.

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