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Roles of Teachers, Parents, Caregivers and Students in Equity Centered School Improvement

The process of remedying and reversing the equity challenges present within schools goes beyond the outlandish policies of leaders or the efforts of administrators. All stakeholders involved in education have a role to play. In this article, we shall discuss what we as individuals can do to improve our schools’ quality, fairness, and inclusion. As parents, caregivers, teachers, or students, we all have a part to play in improving our schools.

As parents, caregivers, teachers, staff and students, we have a part to play in improving our schools. Everyone has a role to play in the process of remedying and reversing the equity challenges present within schools. In this article, we shall discuss what we as individuals can do to improve our schools’ quality, fairness, and inclusion. 

Parents. Caregivers.
As parents, we must identify and utilize current avenues to give our views on crucial matters that we notice involving our children and our schools. In situations where there are no avenues for feedback and dialogue with teachers and staff, avenues must be created. Sometimes creating these avenues is an uphill battle. The rewards are, however, worth the effort. In order to reduce dropout rates, ensure up-to-date curriculums, relevant instructional strategies, and ultimately improve the overall quality of education, then our voices must be heard.

Inequity in schools leads to students’ potential going untapped, and some students being left behind and poorly educated. To ensure that race, sex, and other social traits are not hindrances to attaining quality education and reaching maximum potential, we must all lend our voices to create the changes we need to see. There is always room for improvement and with constant dialogue and accountability, said improvement would be achieved.

Teachers. Staff.
Teachers and staff are the frontline implementers of all practices and policies. As teacher and staff, it is our duty to engage in discussions directed towards Equity Centered School Improvement – closing the gap between mission a reality. Being involved in creating equitable policies and learning and sharing best practices that benefit Black and Indigenius students is the best way to ensure our commitment to school improvement. Developing and maintaining communication lines with parents, caregivers and students would make it easier to understand our students’ needs and adjust our instruction to create the conditions for exceptional learning to take place. 

As students, the best way to positively contribute to the discussion around our school’s challenges/issues is through building a sense of collective responsibility among peers – sometimes in the form of student government. As students, it is our duty to speak up against racism and other forms of marginalization in our schools. Equity Centered School Improvement is about you and should be informed by you. To ensure that every student in our schools gets a quality education irrespective of the color of their skin or their political orientation, we must use our voices and boundless energy and creativity to manifest change. 

In order to build equitable world-class schools, all hands must be on deck. Negligence or silence from any of us creates avenues for the perpetuation of structural and institutional racism. In order to build an educational system that ensures the fulfillment of potential and proper education of all students, no stone must be left unturned. With dialogue, well-informed strategy, and unyielding commitment, we shall make our schools not just a place of learning but a place of safety and equity.

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