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Learn About CBV: Part One

Here at CommunityBuild Ventures, we’re on a mission to change the world. With a clear aim to eradicate racial disparities by ensuring that you, as a leader, are aware of the root causes of racism and their consequences on society. This world change all starts with the learning journey in our CBV communities and organizations. By using our services designed to help you through education and implementation, you’ll truly understand, embody, and embrace racial equity and justice.

CommunityBuild Ventures combines 3 types of transformation to result in self-care, justice, and reaching one’s fullest potential:

  1. Cultural Transformation
  2. Power Transformation
  3. Collaborative Transformation 

CBV Cultural Transformation 

In this space, you’ll learn about the definition of justice and racial equality. It answers how we can understand and embody these themes fully to approach true racial equity in our communities. 

CBV has continually observed organizational approaches in racial equity from a “do then learn” framework. This approach often furthers the tenants of white supremacy because it does not reckon with the reality of inequity to create a process that allows reconciliation and healing. 

We believe that the eradication of diabolical inequities must first be rooted in deep analysis and full awareness that leads to intentional accountability and action in our culture. We help organizations answer challenging questions and find actionable solutions that will have a direct effect on their members.

Power Transformation

In this transformation process, you’ll claim the power you can have as an impacting member of your community. Traumas will be overcome and hurt finally healed as you step fully into the leader you were designed to be. 

The healing aspect of our service focuses on emotional self-care practices that define a strategy centered around racial equity. We help organizations and individuals move beyond the past and towards a bright future of equality through in-depth assessments on both personal and professional levels. 

Collaborative Transformation

Nothing can be done without the strength of the community which is why CBV has worked diligently to form alliances among organizations in our local area. By focusing on collaboration, we enact real, vital change. 

CBV is proud to be a leader of community-led grantmaking along with Thrive Thomasville + Stadium Neighborhoods Community Trust Fund. This partnership allows us to empower future leaders and support projects and activities that benefit BIPOC communities by granting them the resources they need to enact their vision and mission. We believe that the best way to create a culture of equality is to build it from the ground up. 

CBV Hope for Tomorrow

At CBV, we envision a world where outcomes aren’t predicted or based upon the color of skin. While that may sound idyllic, we fully understand that it requires hard work and commitment—two things that CBV has never, and will never, shy away from. Being a part of the assessment, education, and planning that is needed for this future to be a reality is what we were created for, and it’s how we’re going to change the world one community at a time. 

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