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About CommunityBuild Ventures

CommunityBuild Ventures is a solution-focused firm of dreamers, believers, and doers. 
They believe that education is the first stop in moving towards racial equity. 

They believe that justice is the natural product of anti-racist leaders and their communities. 
They believe, fundamentally, that racism is only as strong as its roots–and these roots can always be weeded out.
But most of all, CommunityBuild Ventures believes that our collective future can promise equal treatment, opportunity, and employment for people of all races–and they’re here to help.

CommunityBuild Ventures’s ultimate goal is to advance racial equity to free individuals from structural and institutional racism. They do this by partnering with key community stakeholders–nonprofits, foundations, businesses, and government agencies–in order to empower the development of equity-focused structures and policies.

They offer training, coaching sessions, and consulting services that relay the tools and resources necessary to identify harmful norms as perpetuated by the dominant, racist culture.

They consider their work a success when the organizations they support are able to understand, embrace, and embody both racial equity and justice.

ANALYSIS AND AWARENESS – CommunityBuild Ventures


CommunityBuild Ventures’s frst step when partnering with an organization is to conduct an assessment of the company’s structure and culture. This assessment is designed to gauge the current state of an organization’s policies and practices in order to pinpoint any areas that need improving.

They also invite the company’s employees to share their experiences and recommendations in a series of listening circle sessions.

The goal of these sessions is to provide staff with a space to freely discuss how their company can better center racial equity.

RACIAL EQUITY ALIGNMENT – CommunityBuild Ventures


Following their assessment of an organization, they move into the restructuring phase. In this step they will work to align the business’s structure with a racial equity-focused revision.

They’ll help create and support the implementation of anti-racist values and practices with an easy-to-follow roadmap of action items for the company to complete.



Next CommunityBuild Ventures will offer coaching sessions to help instill the racial equity roadmap defined in the step before. This includes supporting “Learn and Practice” sessions with the staff, where their experienced professionals will combine the lessons of history, advanced research, and policy analysis to teach the tools and resources necessary for anti-racists work.

They’ll also relay essential self-care and community care practices that they believe are fundamental for this kind of work.

Partner With Community Build Ventures For a Better Future

CBV was founded with the core belief that every person–regardless of race–deserves to thrive and have a flourishing community. CommunityBuild Ventures has worked passionately to support pillars of anti-racism all over the country.
They know that to change the world, they first have to change the structures around us–and you, too, can help change the world. Reach out to CBV today to discuss your future. 

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