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Navigating COVID-19 Resources

Navigating COVID-19 Resources by Natasha Harrison

I am  encouraged by the number of efforts to support individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.  However, because of our capitalist normatives which does not reward cooperation and interdependence, organizations are putting out various lists of resources and failing to coordinate information.  Everyone is trying to be THE clearinghouse.  

For our most disenfranchised, marginalized communities, the sea of resource information is overwhelming and exhausting to triage.  I have reviewed a number of resource lists. Here are my top resource lists to get you connected.


CBV encourages foundations to have a racial equity framework to ensure that they are reaching populations that will be most negatively impacted by the pandemic’s impact, especially Black* communities.  Please read COVID-19: Using a Racial Justice Lens Now to Transform Our Future.

We also encourage foundations to champion efforts through grants and donations that will reach marginalized, and historically disinvested communities.  Here are two major resource lists that get you connected.

Solidaire Network
Solidaire Network is cataloging funds that their members are supporting that reach populations that will feel the full brunt of the pandemic nationally and internationally.

Grantmakers for Girls of Color
Grantmakers for Girls of Color have compiled a resource list of emergency resources and guides.

Nonprofits and Small Businesses

#COVID19 Capital Relief
Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has developed a comprehensive, searchable database that includes grants, loans, and other cash equivalents that help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and businesses anywhere in the world.


United Way 211
If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, accessing free childcare, or other essential services, dial 211 to speak to someone at the United Way who can help.

Freelancers and Community Resources
It is the most comprehensive, national resource listing that centers freelance workers.  It includes wellness resources, work opportunities, guides, funding opportunities, and resources for students and parents.

How to File an Unemployment Claim
The Department of Labor provides information on how to file a claim.  Claim submission varies by state.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid
It’s Going Down provides the most comprehensive listing of resources and mutual aid resources across the country.  Mutual aid funds typically provide rapid response funding to individuals in need of assistance.

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