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How to Make Your Donations Work Effectively?


Not everyone has the capacity to give to others. For people like you who have the advantage of engaging in philanthropy, it is also important to know if your donations are indeed, going to the right hands. So, here are some tips on guaranteeing that your philanthropic investments are working in the way you want them to be.

1. Be A Wise Giver
Learn to be proactive when you donate. Do not just donate for the simplest reason of doing so. Learn to identify which causes will work for you on both personal and professional level. Check also its effects on the community where you or your business dwells.

2. Be Direct
Do not trust middlemen when it comes to fundraisers and other charitable campaigns. Be wary when giving out personal information. In as much as you want to radiate your positive energy to others, it is important to know precisely that you are giving to a legitimate charity and that such an act is done in good faith.

3. Research Veracity of Titles
Unscrupulous individuals bent on bleeding unsuspecting people of their hard-earned money have plenty of tricks under their sleeves. Before you simply write-off a check, consider researching for a charity’s veracity. Apart from registration, check for their actual work done, too.

4. Choose Trustworthy Entities
Check also for a charity’s sense of accountability and transparency. Feel free to check standard ratings usually done by partner companies like Charity Navigator. From CEO salary to governance structure, whistleblower policy and other stipulations, these data are critical aspects that you must check before donating.

5. Get Into The Details
Charitable institutions are run just like business. Consider getting your hands into its financial records and review its executive compensation. You may want to set a face-to-face discussion with the charity before sending out a chunk of your hard-earned money.

These handy donating tips are best kept at heart. Not only do these ensure wise giving, it also guarantees helping the right institution. When you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for, consider it to be a long term commitment.

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