GOTF Get Out of The Fire

GOTF (Get Out Of The Fire)

Are you feeling rundown, overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain over it?

Join Ayodele and Natasha in a CommunityBuild Ventures presentation of GOTF, a five part video series discussing the ways in which our daily stressors–when left unchecked–lead to burnout. Get Out Of The Fire includes discussion of scientific research and emotional self-care so that you too can learn how to come back from the edge of burnout. 

Walking In Fire

Do you remember the last time you were stress-free? The last time you truly felt rested and relaxed, with no anxieties or worries hanging over your head? If your answer is no–or any other answer than “yesterday” or “right now”–then this video series can help you.

We define “fire” as a metaphor for a constant state of threat. Whether it’s actual threat or perceived threat, these situations can cause anxieties that have a lasting effect on our bodies, spirits, and behaviors. Our videos address these situations, and guide our viewers through the science behind heightened feelings of threat–and how to get out of this cycle.

Constant Threat

Do you remember walking into a dark alley or basement and feeling your skin crawl, every sound seems heightened and the smallest movements are frightening? This is what a constant feeling of threat is like. CommunityBuild Ventures understands threat as the sense of possible trouble, danger, harm that leads to physical or emotional harm. Being constantly under these intense feelings can lead to burnout.

Burnout Can Affect the Body, Brain, and Your Decisions

Burnout. The dreaded word of the 9-to-5 office worker, the single mom, the underpaid nurse. Burnout is the emotional, physical, and spiritual exhaustion that comes from being in a state of duress for an extended period of time. We see extreme cases of burnout in a soldier’s PTSD, and more common cases of depression, anxiety, and apathy in the everyday citizen. But…if we can’t change our outside lives, our jobs, our family, our financial situations: how can we avoid burnout?

Ayodele and Natasha created these five videos to help guide every person–no matter their circumstances–in understanding where burnout comes from, why it happens, and how to avoid it. Even if you can’t change the big parts of your life, CommunityBuild Ventures shows you how to make small, incremental changes that will lead you out of the fire and into a calming, more restful life. 

Use Code “Juneteenth” For Free Access to ALL GOTF Videos

Our GOTF videos will also include an interactive workbook and breathing exercises. Until the end of the year you can access all five videos for free with the exclusive code: Juneteenth. Don’t let your life be ruled by burnout. 

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