Experience Working in Racial Equity and CommunityBuild Ventures by Antonio Sneed

I started working at CommunityBuild Ventures (CBV) back in August of 2021 as the Operations Manager.  I did not know what to expect, however I was excited to be apart of a black firm.  After doing my initial research about the firm for my interview, I was impressed with the type of work the President & CEO, Natasha A. Harrison, was doing in the city of Atlanta.  

Working at CommunityBuild Ventures has motivated me to learn more about my culture and where I came from.  I have always had an interest in knowing where I came from, but working in this firm has reestablished that interest.  I love the way the CEO articulates and how passionate she is within her work. 

For me addressing racial equity is no longer optional for many organizations. Businesses are increasingly being held to a different standard by consumers and employees alike: a company’s actions (or inactions) around racial equity matter. Yet despite the best of intentions, many companies still find it difficult to figure out how to develop a clear and effective strategy for addressing racial equity.  I love the way CommunityBuild Ventures approaches the work and is not afraid to say “no” if the work does not align with racial equity. 

This has been a great experience so far.  I have been able to really find myself and express how I am feeling without feeling bad or expressing a feeling that is not true to make people around me feel good. Brave Space Building™ has allowed me to show up in my authentic self and really express my authentic feeling.   I have also been able to recognize gratitude at a level I have never experienced before.  This level of feeling has carried on into my own personal life and I am able to have the right tools and resources to really be who I am and express who I am.  

I am glad to be apart of this group of people who are out here really doing the work.  I look forward to many years of partnership and work with CommunityBuild Ventures.

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