Do Then Learn Approach Does Not Work

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CBV has continually observed organizational approaches in racial equity from a “do then learn” framework.  This approach often furthers the tenants of white supremacy because it does not reckon with the reality of inequity to create a process to reconcile. 

We believe that the eradication of diabolical inequities must be rooted in deep analysis and awareness that leads to intentional accountability and action.  In addition, we believe any engagement must include self-care and healing because all people have experienced racialize (or appearance) and/or caste based trauma.  This allows an opportunity to define a new liberatory paradigm.

Natasha A. Harrison, President and CEO of CommunityBuild Ventures, shares the “CBV Way” to racial equity.  She provides key elements of the framework to help organizations understand, embrace and embody racial equity and justice.  


What are your thoughts on how you would analyze your culture?  What do we need to become more aware of?  What are your organization’s blind spots?  


If you are on this journey, what have you learned?


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