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Community Quotes

BMEsTalk has become an excellent source of connecting and bonding with other professional Black men making legitimate difference. We are the under appreciated but critical element to our communities. - Damion Harris, Connecticut

The content [BMEsTalk] was strong and practical. Not only was I able to reflect for myself, but to also consider how to turnkey this to others - C. Harrison, NYC Dept of Education

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop last week! As a classroom teacher, and math fanatic, I really enjoyed getting to hear another educators perspective on teaching math. – CJ Martin, 4th grade Teacher, Tacoma Public Schools

I consider myself a strong builder of culture, but gained a WEALTH of knowledge during the session. - Brian, Science Instructional Coach, Memphis, TN

The CommunityBuild Ventures team created an Evaluation Plan for our programs that will enable us to measure our impact, evaluate our performance, and seek more sustainable funding for growth. Our organization is relatively new to monitoring and evaluation, and CBV was very thorough in gathering input and answering questions to make the process less overwhelming. The team at CBV really celebrates and supports the work of grassroots organizations like ours, while offering practical feedback, guidance, and tools for elevating the standards for what we do. -Claire Dozier, Bearings Bike Shop

This was an effective experience that provided scaffolds to easily support communities to clearly define our goals and objectives to support our mission and vision. -Strategic Planning Committee Member, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

Very effective! Particularly, the openness of the forum for discussing normally touchy topics was very necessary. -Advisory Board Member, Emmaus House

Effective. Pushed us to analyze what we already know/do and what needs to be done. The session was also an eye opening on how the intended goal is/could take time in achieving. -Consumer Health Foundation

Great experience. Would recommend to offer to other groups. -School Resource Officer, Atlanta Public Schools Police Department

The training was engaging and well organized. It was also thought provoking. -School Resource Officer, Atlanta Public Schools Police Department

We are much more intentional about making sure that we close the feedback loop with the communities we serve and build into our work opportunities to share back out what we heard. -Participant, Not Without Us: Effective Practices in Intentional Community Engagement in Black Communities